Use Tags And Segments To Organize Your Email List

Tags and segments in email marketing

It is important to organize your email list using tags and segments. Tagging and segmenting allow you to categorize your email list into groups according to the specific interests of the subscribers.

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Tagging is adding a label to your email subscribers, which helps you to track and monitor the activities of every subscriber. This allows you to offer them a personalized experience based on how they interact with your products or services.

Importance of tagging:

  • Helps you know about your subscribers’ interests based on their unique engagement with your products or services.
  • You are able to know which subscribers should receive a specific email campaign or broadcast.
  • Helps you give your subscribers what they need when they need it.

Tags can track many things, for example:

  • Purchase or enrollment activity – This helps you to know whether a subscriber made a specific purchase or enrolled in your online course.
  • Opt-in source – Helps you know how your subscribers joined the email list. This helps inform you why they opted in and thus gives you a hint as to what products or services they are interested in.
  • Interests, preferences, or actions completed – Helps you know when subscribers have completed a certain action or clicked specific links.
  • Where subscribers are in the customer life cycle or journey – This helps you know how far along each subscriber is.

Tags help you create personalized experiences for your subscribers in a timely manner. Tagging helps you know how subscribers joined your email list and their unique engagement, and therefore you are able to know how best to serve them.

What to consider when creating tags

  • Tag only what is important for your business. Make sure there is a reason behind the tags you allocate. Do not just tag for the sake of tagging. Too many unnecessary tags will complicate things for you. Only create tags that help you serve your subscribers better.
  • Incorporate your tags into segments. Tags help you organize your email list subscribers while segments help you organize your tags. Segments contain different tags. Your tags will determine which segment you add them to. Group your tags into segments.
  • Give your tags clear titles. This helps you remember what exactly each tag is for, and why you created the tag.
  • Use tags to exclude specific subscribers from specific segments. For example, if a subscriber has already purchased a product, tag them to exclude them from receiving promotions for the product they have already purchased.

Tags consist of specific data collected from your subscribers that help you know them better and offer personalized products or services. Tags help you segment your email list so that you can send targeted content with a personalized touch to each subscriber.

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Tags and segments in email marketing
Tag and segment your email list

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