Writing Marketing Emails

Writing marketing emails

Writing marketing emails is an important part of the online coaching business. When doing email marketing, it is important to know how to write impactful emails that will increase engagement and conversion rates. It is important to learn how to write consistent targeted and personalized emails to your email subscribers.

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Here are things to consider when writing marketing emails:

Subject line

The subject line stands out in the inbox when people open their emails. It has a significant impact on the email open rates; hence, it is important to consider carefully what you write in the subject line.

The subject line should be clear, concise, short, and to the point. Keep it less than 50 characters long. Personalize your subject line and use it to give an idea of the content of the email.

The subject line should inspire people to take action and open the email. Therefore, make your subject lines actionable, inviting, and inspiring.

Create a sense of exclusivity and offer exclusive offers to your subscribers. This will make them feel special and valued.

Other things to consider when creating subject lines: create a sense of urgency, curiosity, and importance, use numbers, and ask a compelling question.

Sender’s name

You should use a familiar easily recognizable sender name. The “From” name displays prominently in the recipient’s inbox. Therefore, it is important to optimize this and match your subscribers’ expectations.

It is advisable to use your name as the sender’s name. If you want to include your company name, use your name and your company name. Using your name makes your subscribers feel that the email is from an actual person.

Engaging and compelling preheader

The preheader is the preview text or the snippet that appears next to the subject line. The preheader gives a short summary of your email content. If you do not have a preheader, your recipients will see the first part of your email content.

The subject line and preheader should be coordinated. This helps to increase the open and engagement rates of your emails.

Email content

Have one main idea when writing emails. This helps you remain focused and write relevant emails. Give unique highly valuable content that makes you stand out from the rest. Talk directly to your subscribers so that they feel you wrote the message for them specifically. This helps them identify with what you are saying. Offer your subscribers a personalized experience.

Have a clear call to action

The call to action button or link is an important part of email marketing. Let your subscribers know the benefits of what you are offering and direct them towards taking the desired action.

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Writing marketing emails
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