Increase Website Traffic With Email Marketing

Increase website traffic with email marketing

It is important to know how to increase website traffic. High website traffic usually translates into an increase in revenue.

There are many ways of increasing website traffic, such as, using social media, Pinterest, YouTube, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

However, do you know that you can increase website traffic with email marketing as well?

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The key is to have a healthy email list. A healthy email list has high engagement rates and a consistent increase in the number of new subscribers.

Aim at increasing the engagement rate with the subscribers you already have.

How do you increase website traffic with email marketing?

  1. Have a healthy email list. Build and grow your email list organically. Never buy a list. When you grow your list organically with opt-ins, you are able to have quality subscribers who are interested in your products or services.
  2. Segment your list. When you segment and personalize your emails, you increase the open rates and click-through rates. Subscribers who receive emails addressing their specific needs tend to be more engaged.
  3. Have a well-optimized welcome email sequence. When subscribers first join your email list, take them through a welcome email sequence. When people first join, their level of interest in what you offer is high. Take that opportunity, develop a solid welcome email sequence, and connect with your subscribers the right way. Let them feel welcome and valued. Use the welcome sequence to give your subscribers what they want, show them that you understand them, and offer helpful and valuable resources. In addition, use that chance to introduce yourself, inform them what you offer and why, and show them how you can help them.
  4. Nurture new and long-term subscribers by sending consistent newsletters or broadcasts or campaigns to keep a connection. Offer valuable consistent content and remind your subscribers that you are here to help them. Avoid the temptation of using newsletters to send promotions or product and service launches only. If all you do is selling and promoting your products or services, you will miss a good opportunity to create solid relationships. To add to that, many people will lose interest if all you do is selling. Consistent regular valuable emails whereby you link back to your website produce steady website traffic.

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Increase website traffic with email marketing
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